I Wrench. You Ride.

Paonia, CO is a cyclist destination. Shouldn't you be here biking?

Shish KaBikes
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Shish KaBikes is your Paonia bike shop dedicated to providing quality cycles,
repair, components, accessories, and recycled bikes.

We are Moving!

Please contact us by phone and stay tuned for the new location in February 2018.

Winter 2018
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Jumbo Mountain Ride

What is it like to ride Jumbo? Christopher Huot shows us how it’s done.

Shish KaBikes is located on the western slope of Colorado in Paonia, Colorado. The unique geography and long warm season make it perfect to explore all types of biking, including road, mountain, touring, cyclocross, kids, and commuting.

Road Rides

The North Fork Valley is quickly being discovered as one of the premier destinations for road riding. Miles of quiet back road wind between farms, fields, vineyards, and ranches with new discoveries around each corner.

Single Track

Hidden for years, Paonia is surrounded by public lands with trails built and maintained by local mountain biking enthusiasts.

Cruise & Tour

Paonia’s relatively flat streets in town make it perfect for exploring by townie, or cruiser bikes. Breeze down main street to explore farm-to-table restaurants, the local brewery, galleries, and more.